One of the first stocks Michael Goode looked to invest in when he first started investing in 2005 was a small company traded on the Pinksheets called US WindFarming. During his research, Michael found out that the CEO had previously been convicted of criminal stock fraud and had served time in jail for a scheme that purported to turn base metals into gold. Michael decided not to invest and six months later the SEC sued the company, alleging that all the press releases were fake and the company was a sham that existed for the sole purpose of selling shares to gullible investors in order to enrich the insiders.

Following that experience, Michael Goode became a bit of a cynic. While he called himself a value investor and even briefly ran a value investing newsletter, his true love was exposing fraud and failed businesses. At his blog GoodeValue.com, sometimes syndicated on SeekingAlpha.com, he blasted companies such as H2Diesel (later renamed New Generation Biofuels), Cytocore (later sued by the SEC), Remote MDX (later panned by Andrew Left of Citron Research and Carol Remond of Dow Jones Newswires), and Noble Roman’s Pizza (on which he was quoted in multiple articles in the Indianapolis Business Journal).

Michael Goode has continued to shine a light on stock promotions and the people behind them on his trading blog, GoodeTrades.com. He has blogged about lawsuits involving stock promoters (a couple more) and he has exposed the multiple websites used by certain stock promoters. He remains a full-time stock trader; you can see most of his trades on Profit.ly.

Michael Goode graduated from Earlham College in 2004 and obtained a Masters Degree in Cognitive Psychology in 2007, from Washington University in St. Louis. He is the managing member of MorningLightMountain LLC, the owner of this website.

  1. did you notice that the largest shareholder ACT

    And the lawyer. share the EXACT office address. Right down to the suite #

    1. Considering the low volume and price of ACLH there is little reason for me to even consider covering it. I think it is best for me to use my scarce time on covering the most popular / liquid OTCBB and Pinksheets stocks. Most such stocks are truly worthless and are not even bona fide businesses (more like glorified shells that exist for the sole purpose of selling stock), so nothing surprises me anymore.

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